International Women's Day (IWD), originally called International Working Women's Day, is celebrated on March 8 every year. International Women's Day is an opportunity for everyone to express their feelings to the women they love!


No one loves children like a mother does. Mothers’ often sacrifice a great deal for their children, and frequently go without recognition. We often say “thank you” to persons who help us but we do not often say “thank you” to the person who sacrifices the most for us, the person loves us more than anyone in the world, the person is always willing to share beloved emotion and difficulties. Today I would like to say thank you to my mother and express my feeling about her.

My mother is the person I admire most in the world. She is not only the person who gave me life, but is also  my teacher and is the person who supported my brother and I in our childhood.. She always tried her best to earn money to support for us, to pay school fees for us. She always said to us “I was born in the poor family, could not go to school so I have to work in an unfulfilling job. I do not want you to become like me so you should try your best to study, which will help you get a good job in the future. I do not want you look after me when I become the elderly. I just hope that both of you will have happy lives in the future.” She always sacrificed for us to have good lives. I remember when I studied at secondary school,  my mother came to my class to give me the money to pay school fees, my friends met my mother and said  she was too old, she was my grandmother not my mother. At that time, I felt too shy to say anything. As I came back my house I felt angry and said “why are you older than my friends’ mothers? Why do you go to school for my friends laugh at me? I hate you; I do not want to say anything with you.”  My mother just cried. After that, I went to my grandmother’s house, my grandmother told me about my mother’s hard life. I felt so sorry for what I had said. I went back my house and say “sorry”  to her but she just said “ no problem” and gave me a warm hug. I promised myself that I had to study well to make my mother happy. And when my friends have asked me why my mother is so old, I feel very proud of to say that my mother is so old because she works hard to support my brother and I to make us become good people. Besides being a father to support for us, my mother is always the first person that I share with when I am happy or sad, and she always stands by me when I have problems.

When I studied at Chau phu high school, I had to stay at school until 9p.m and, because the road was deserted, my mother always picked me up by bike. But there was an unlucky day it rained heavily and thundered, and my mother gave me her rain coat to wear while. She did not care about herself, and was only concerned for me. She asked, “are you cold? We will go home immediately, do not worry or be scared because I will protect you.” I will always remember this night. Therefore, when someone asks me “who is your idol?” I always answer my mother. I wish I would become a woman like my mother in the future. My mother is my angel in my heart.

“My mother, I love you so much! Thanks for all things you give me, I love you more than life”. Many times I want to hug and talk that saying to her, but I am not brave enough to do that. Thanks for English speaking club give me a chance to share my feelings about my mother. This is a chance for us to say a heartfelt thanks to the women who mean most to us, and remember the saying “Although children become adults, they are still their mother’s children. Even though they can go anywhere, their mother will still follow them.”

Huỳnh Trang - DH12TA